Welcome to My Practice

You're unique, and it's my job to tailor treatment to your individual needs. I will give you tools and strategies. I will help you craft a plan of action to take control of your life through positive changes -- changes that will last.

I work with young adults through the elderly.

I'm a licensed clinical psychologist and trained divorce mediator; by experience, I am a life coach.

My specialties include: relationship issues; divorce, and other difficult life transitions; depression and anxiety; trauma history, especially in women; stress, low self-esteem, and lack of assertiveness; and grief and loss, including death of pets.

Every day, men and women of all ages and walks of life entrust me with their innermost fears, sorrows, and dreams. They count on me to guide them to a place of hope, to help them find meaning and purpose, and to teach them skills to cope.

— Ann M. Frank, Psy.D.